Mastering Fundamental Analysis


  • Pages: 242
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1998


Mastering Fundamental Analysis: How to Spot Trends and Pick Winning Stocks Like the Pros

Mastering Fundamental Analysis performs the valuable service of leading everyday investors into better investment decisions, while allowing them to learn at their own pace through the use of worksheets, graphs, sidebars, and step-by-step examples.


Mastering Fundamental Analysis, written for the nonaccountant who wants basic investment information, teaches you to master the essentials of fundamental analysis.

These include studying financial statements, interpreting trends, using ratios, and making informed decisions based on tangible information. This is possible without having to take a course in highlevel accounting or statistical analysis.

Certainly, there is a need for technical communication among financial professionals. However, that does not address your needs as an investor. The gap in market information occurs invariably in communication, between experts who have the information and nonexperts who need the information.

This basic, practical guide uses a series of tools to help break down technical ideas and concepts so that you can make practical use of the information. These tools include:

  • worksheets and forms you can use to compile information about companies and compare it;
  • graphs and charts to express the ideas behind columns and rows of numbers in a way that makes sense to help visualize results;
  • checklists of action ideas and points worth remembering;
  • examples that clarify and illustrate important points;
  • definitions placed in context so that ideas come across clearly, so you can overcome jargon used by technical experts;
  • key points set aside and highlighted for ease of recognition;
  • walk-throughs to help with processes such as mathematical formulas.


  • Defining the Fundamentals-What You Need
  • Timing of Financial Information-Yesterday’s News
  • The Reliability Problem-Accuracy of the Numbers
  • Financial Reporting-How They Do It
  • Picking Apart the Financials-Easier Than You Think
  • Ratios-What They Are, How They Work
  • Trends-Your Secret Weapon
  • Putting Market Services to Work
  • How to Really Read the Stock Listings
  • What Makes Stock Prices Change
  • Economic Indicators or Gauging the Economy
  • Different Drummer Investing or The March of the Contrarians
  • Fundamentals in Specialized Markets
  • Valuable Techniques for the Savvy Investor