Making Money in Forex: Trade Like a Pro Without Giving Up Your Day Job


  • Pages: 238
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2010


Making Money in Forex will help aspiring traders successfully enter this field while maintaining a job. With this book, author Ryan O’Keefe explains his own personal journey to becoming a trader and shows you how to follow a similar path.

Author’s Introduction:

I wrote Making Money in Forex to help people learn to trade around day jobs they can’t quit cold turkey. It contains the experience and methods I’ve developed after nearly a decade of analyzing, trading, and writing about the spot currency market. The book’s objective is to persuade you from chasing profit all over a five-minute chart and learn to trade using a steady, long-term approach.

You should understand up front that I am a trader, not an analyst. This book contains my experience and methodologies as a trader interested in two things: reducing risk and making money. I don’t care about market correlations, the Big Mac Index, or speculating about whether a central banker is going to shave his mustache off. I do not spend my time analyzing the market to death; I’m a trader and making money is all I care about.

Do not expect a detailed analysis of each currency pair or the effect crude oil may have on the Canadian dollar. I will not discuss traditional technical patterns, Elliot Wave theory, or Gartley patterns (whatever the heck they are). These topics have been discussed ad nauseum by other authors and I see no reason to cover them again.

I don’t use them in my trading, so why should I include them in this book? I am only interested in identifying support or resistance, where price is now, where is it headed, and how can I profit regardless of the cost of tea in China.


  • Exploring the Currency Market
  • Principles of a Bargain Hunter
  • Reading Price Action
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing Profit
  • Bargain Hunting Along the Edge
  • Bargain Hunting with Price Action
  • Bargain Hunting with the Commodities Channel Index
  • Bargain Hunting with Fundamental Data
  • Achieving Consistency: Simple Steps Every Trader Can Take