Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 203
  • Published Date: 2007


Getting Started in FOREX Trading Strategies is intended as a sequel to Getting Started in Currency Trading (GSICT), although it may certainly be used independently. One comment readers often make after reading the latter is, “Great, now I know the mechanics of FOREX. But what do I do next?” This book addresses that question. However, it does assume some basic knowledge of FOREX.  If you are new to currency trading, I suggest you pick up a copy of Getting Started in Currency Trading and read and study the material before starting this volume.

Readers’ expectations vary enormously. Most thought “getting started” truly meant getting started, but some assumed the book would carry them through more advanced training. A few were disappointed not to find a $19.95 black-box system leading to great wealth without effort. There is no get-rich-quick method in FOREX or any other market. Getting Started in FOREX Trading Strategies (GSIFTS) is meant to give you an initial perspective on various methods and a simple method on which to build. To most traders, strategy is synonymous with trading techniques—one or more of the many flavors of price charts or indicators such as oscillators and moving averages. In GSIFTS, strategy refers to the three primary elements that define a trader: trading techniques, money management, and the soft elements of market selection, trader profile, tactics, and psychology. Together they compose a trader’s style.


  • Trading Techniques
  • The Soft Elements of Style
  • Money Management
  • The Codex Notebook
  • The Codex Toolbox
  • Style
  • Making Money Management Decisions
  • Setting Up Your Trading Platform
  • Tracking Markets
  • Selecting Markets
  • Making a Trade
  • Monitoring a Trade
  • Exiting a Trade
  • Postmortem and Record Keeping
  • Options and Options
  • The Dreams of Reason—To Be or Not to Be a FOREX Trader