Get Rich with Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 274
  • Published Date: 2009


Get Rich with Options is a detailed guide to successfully trading stock and commodity options. This book filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, this reliable resource provides you with the knowledge and strategies needed to achieve optimal results within the options market. It quickly covers the basics before moving on to the four options trading strategies that have helped Lowell profit in this arena time and again: buying deep-in-the-money call options, selling naked put options, selling option credit spreads, and selling covered calls.

  • Breaks down four of the best options trading strategies currently available
  • Explains how to set up a home-based business with the best options trading software, tools, and Web sites
  • Contains detailed discussions of how options can be used as a hedging or speculating instrument

With this book as your guide, you’ll quickly see options in a whole new light and learn how to become part of a small group of investors who consistently win.


  • It’s All about the Calls and Puts
  • How Options are Priced
  • Option Volatility
  • Stocks versus Options
  • Option Selling Is Your Key to Success
  • Buy All the Stock You Want for Half the Price
  • Getting Paid to Buy Your Favorite Stock
  • Option Credit Spreads: The All-Star Strategy
  • A Day in the Life of the Market Maker
  • Put Your Stocks to Work—Sell Covered Calls
  • A Bonus Strategy: Ratio Option Spreads
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Brokers and Commissions