Candlestick Charts An Introduction to Using Candlestick Charts


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 188
  • Published Date: 2009


In Candlestick Charts An Introduction to Using Candlestick Charts, Clive Lambert aims to introduce candlestick analysis to anyone from an absolute beginner to an experienced market professional who has a working knowledge of charting. The language should be simple enough for a novice, but shouldn’t exclude those with more experience, as my aim is to change your viewing of a candlestick chart into a search for the answer to the perennial question “Who’s controlling the market: the bulls or the bears?” Ideally, you will have some knowledge of the markets, and even more ideally you will be a cynic about technical analysis, and this book will convert you.


While technical analysis approaches have developed significantly over the past few decades, some techniques are far more ancient. While their real origins are unknown, Japanese candlestick charts have been recorded as being employed in the rice markets as far back as the 1600s. What is particularly interesting is that many of these ancient approaches continue to provide highly effective trading signals when applied to modern markets and securities. For this reason, it’s no surprise perhaps that candlestick charting techniques are so extensively employed by the world’s most professional investors.

Clive Lambert is one of the UK’s leading experts in the use and application of Japanese candlestick chart analysis. I have known him for many years and have learnt to greatly respect his depth of knowledge and the objectiveness it brings to his market strategies. In this book, Clive has combined his love of the subject with his experience as a professional trader, to demystify candlestick charting and make it accessible and effective for the reader. His writing style is conversational and his explanations clear and practical.

As a result, the book is a refreshing departure from the dry and complex writing often associated with financial markets. With insight and clarity, the book unravels the psychology behind price patterns and provides a powerful collection of simple and effective methods to trade for profit and control risk.


  • What Are Candlesticks?
  • What Candles Tell Us About The State Of Mind Of The Market
  • Single Reversal Patterns
  • Multiple Reversal Patterns
  • Continuation Patterns
  • The Real World – Practical Application
  • Summing Up
  • Ten Golden Rules When Trading Using Candlesticks