Hedge Fund Leadership


  • Pages: 225
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance from Traders and Money Managers

Hedge Fund Leadership skillfully explains how to assemble, motivate, and manage a group of traders within a fund and sheds much-needed light on the importance of aligning traders with the overall vision and goals of a hedge fund. Author Ari Kiev shares his perspectives on various leadership themes and discusses how a delicate balance between empowerment and control must be struck in order to enhance the performance of todays hedge fund.

Author’s Introduction:

For those of you who are already at a hedge fund or are contemplating accepting a position at one, the quality of leadership is undoubtedly a major factor in job choice and satisfaction. And even if you are not the CEO or the top manager, leadership is still an important issue for you. If you are a trader, you are a leader when you are trying to get analysts to give you better material. If you are a portfolio manager, you face leadership challenges when you deal with your traders and analysts.

That is why I have written this book—with the purpose of sharing my perspectives on various leadership themes that I have been exploring over the last several years with hedge fund managers in a variety of organizations. The key issues in my consultations and training programs have expanded from trading psychology and risk management to other issues such as communication, conflict resolution, and personal empowerment.

The world is an ever-changing, sometimes fear-filled place in which your career, your relationships, and your long-held beliefs often face dizzying challenges, a truth that all of us learned anew on September 11, 2001. Staying focused, keeping your balance, maintaining a sense of openness and optimism each day, and showing those around how to do the same can be a struggle.

Achieving goals that you set for yourself can be remarkably satisfying, but becoming a leader and empowering others can offer you even greater psychological rewards. The principles outlined in this book will help open the door for you to learn how to do just that.


  • Developing Good Leadership
  • The Value of a Vision
  • Assembling Your Team
  • Refining Your Team
  • Building Momentum
  • Sustaining Momentum
  • Transcending Self-Imposed Limits
  • Empowering Others