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Handbook on Trend Determination By George Bayer

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The great Masters, the writers of the Scriptures, Talmud, Koran, Confucius, Buddha, Cicero, Livy, as well as Shakespeare, Goethe, Nietzsche and others (except Luther) propound in their writings nothing but ways and means to forecast future events. All these writings are in “Code Form” so that the public can’t understand a word. They study “the surface” and like it. They eat the shell. With this book on hand you may try for the nut proper. All you will have to do is to substitute various motions of the planets given here for the names found in these books. After a while you can actually see how these persons in the stories “wander around” through the Zodiac. Yes, there were many before us, who know the laws and knew them well! They were able to fool the public several thousand years already and this work should throw some light into their stories.

Handbook on Trend Determination Astrological Rules for Traders will become a rarity since the rules are laid bare. The works above mentioned have tremendous and wide distribution because they keep everything covered and only at great intervals does it happen that a serious student hits on the true meaning of them all. You have enough data on hand after completing this study to tackle these masters and find most of my rules explained in them!

You have had in my work “Time Factors” at least some ideas about the basic laws that move stocks, wheat and other commodities.
The many inquiries coming from students of this book all pointed out that certain parts were written to high and formed immediately an idea that the difficulties cannot be overcome.

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Of course, since June 3rd, 1932 the day “Time Factors” had been begun, a lot of work had been done by the writer to get closer to the final solution of the puzzle “markets.” In this volume I shall endeavor to start somewhat slower than was done in “Time Factors.” I shall try to start with the ABC of common laws that have a bearing on market movements. However, in order to satisfy students that have mastered the previous work, those who are anxious to build further, but lack points of “starting”, I shall bring thoughts and ideas, which run up like fire works into the sky.

Portions of this work which on first or second reading are not clearly understood must be read and reread until they are understood even if it takes days. Everything that has been said was for a reason. Superfluous words have not place. Certain difficult matters were repeated with slightly varied works to bring home the idea.

It is hoped that even those readers who have had no opportunity to study mathematics in schools will be able to use every rule given herein to their advantage. While I give out herewith all the laws and rules which I have been able to assemble in the course of years up to March 3rc, 1940 concerning the movements of the markets, especially those of wheat, numerous additional rules can be found if time and effort is spent. It is very likely that, after you completed you study of this work, you yourself may strike upon some simple rule that works uncannily too.
Consider constantly, that all rules brought here are the product of only one single mind, which had no assistant or collaborator.

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The great railroad systems across the continent originated first in the single track line via Ogden, Utah. When others saw the great advantage, they also built railroads to tap the wealth of the West. On the same principle, once knowing how to go about, you might locate new ideas in our line that I have not stumbled on. If this should be the case at some future time, I hope you let me know of it.

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