Winning the Trading Game: Why 95% of Traders Lose and What You Must Do To Win


  • Pages: 302
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


The purpose of Winning the Trading Game is to end the cycle of gambling in futures and forex trading by getting to the heart of speculation. Each investor will learn how to transition from gambling with futures and forex to speculating and then become a full-fledged professional trader on their own terms.


You will learn specific approaches along with practical skills that experienced and professional traders use to get themselves ahead. This book will teach you how to master the three key elements of futures and forex trading: money management strategies, technical analysis strategies, and risk management strategies.

You will also be given tools, along with charts and a prescribed three-month trading program, that will make your transition from investor to trader all the smoother.

The book is divided up into three sections. The first section, Part I: More Life at the End of Your Money, puts a magnifying glass to the Social Security system, major market trends, what it takes to be a trader, and the basics of futures and forex trading.

In the second section, Part II: Why 95% of Investors Fail at Futures and Forex, we take a critical look at why everyday stock strategies simply don’t work. The chapters in this section then delve into how to develop a proper trading plan and give you the necessary tools to find the markets that work for you. You are also introduced to a trader’s two worst enemies, fear and greed, what it takes to overcome them, and, more importantly, what to do if you can’t.

In the final section, Part III: Seven Lessons for Trading Success, everything is pulled together to center around three key areas: money management, technical analysis, and risk management. This is where the evolution from investor to trader really takes shape. You learn how to manipulate the daisy chain effect of the markets, you are given insight into the hedging aspects of trading, and, finally, you learn how to really customize your trading the way you want to, and not use some cookie cutter approach.


  • The Need to Build Wealth
  • Money-Making Megatrends
  • What Type of Investor Are You?
  • The World of Futures and Forex
  • The Fallacy of Traditional Stock Investment Beliefs
  • How to Be Among the 5% Who Win at Trading
  • Becoming a Speculator
  • Lesson 1: Developing a Trading Plan
  • Lesson 2: Preparing to Speculate
  • Lesson 3: Choosing Your Technical Indicators
  • Lesson 4: Developing Tactics for Entering and Exiting the Market
  • Lesson 5: Analyzing Your Opponents and the Market
  • Lesson 6: Managing Risk
  • Lesson 7: Building Confidence
  • Getting Started (The Three-Month Plan)