The Swing Trader’s Bible: Strategies to Profit from Market Volatility



The Swing Trader’s Bible provides traders with different strategies to capitalize on market fluctuations. The majority of the time, most markets move sideways, with no discernible long-term up or down trend.

Author’s Introduction:

Trading and investing are among the most exciting and rewarding pursuits around, there’s no doubt about it. Where else can you make all of your dreams come true, while having direct control over every step of your fate? Not too many places.

However, trading and investing provide one of those special situations, where with enough hard work and understanding, all of our futures can become as bright as our most vivid dreams of greatness. It’s not easy, though, investing in financial markets. After all, anytime there’s money on the line for almost anything in this world, emotions come into play as well.

However, with a solid repertoire of proven tools, there’s no mountain any of us can’t scale. With this in mind, The Swing Trader’s Bible is many years of culled experience between us—both of whom work within financial markets professionally.

Friends for many years, we wanted to create an easy-to-read, simplified book to help investors and traders of all levels move toward profitability within the ever-changing sea of investment markets. The lessons within the very book in your hands are those of trial and error, the result of many years of hard work.

We are proud to share with you the trading strategies that we believe will give you the best opportunity to become successful and fulfill your dreams. A concept that resonates throughout the book is simplicity.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel or teach nuclear fusion. Our goal is to share with you strategies that can be learned through some good oldfashioned hard work.

We hope that you are able to immediately apply the strategies to your day-to-day investing. What you’re reading isn’t just theory by any means whatsoever. The strategies outlined in The Swing Trader’s Bible are the same methods we use every day.

Remember, it is not easy to reach your goals as a trader; however, greatness is attainable if you have the knowledge of the right strategies.


  • Determining Your Trading Style
  • The First Rule of Profitability: Stop Loss
  • The Second Rule of Profitability: Commonsense Fundamentals
  • The Third Rule of Profitability: Technical Analysis
  • Strategy 1: Take the Trends to Pieces
  • Strategy 2: The RSI Indicator
  • Strategy 3: MACD and Stochastic
  • Strategy 4: The Tier II Play
  • Strategy 5: ETF Sector Rotation
  • Strategy 6: The Macro-to-Micro Play
  • Strategy 7: Profit from Exuberance Premium
  • Strategy 8: Japanese Candlestick Charts
  • Strategy 9: Option Primer and LEAP Options
  • Strategy 10: Piggyback Strategy Using ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Strategy 11: Scanning for Swing Trade Ideas
  • Strategy 12: Swing Trading a Market Sell-Off
  • Strategy 13: Swing Trading the Megatrends
  • Strategy 14: Return on Assets and Return on Equity
  • Strategy 15: Covered Call Options
  • Strategy 16: Straddles as a Profit Tool
  • Strategy 17: Bull and Bear Spreads

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