The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing: Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Financial Life


  • Pages: 215
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2010
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The Little Book of Investing Do’s and Don’ts addresses this issue and shows you how to utilize the fundamentals of finance to achieve success in today’s market. This practical guide contains proven advice on navigating today’s treacherous financial landscape and will put you in a better position to make more informed investment decisions.

This is a book about what you should do (and should not do) as an investor to bulletproof your investments and protect yours savings. Your authors wish we had read such a book when we began our investing careers, since most of these lessons have been taken out of our hides. Here is the plan:

  • 1. We are going to talk about investor psychology, and show how Wall Street takes advantage of it.
  • 2. Then, we are going to lay out a specific investing program that focuses on limiting your downside risk to help you set it up.
  • 3. We will offer strategies for maximizing your income and savings throughout your financial life.
  • 4. Finally, we have peppered the book with Do ’ s and Don ’ ts that should save you a lot of money, and bulleted them at the end of each chapter


  • The Nut Behind the Wheel: Behavioral Finance in One Lesson
  • Wall Street Therapy: For Good and for Evil
  • How Not to Invest: Kids, Don’t Try This at Home
  • How to Invest: It’s Not as Fun as It Used to Be
  • The Holy Grail of Investing: Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too
  • Bulletproofing Your Investments: A Recipe for Setting Up Your Tangent Portfolios
  • Pulling the Trigger: Practicing Portfolio Management at Home for Fun and Profit
  • Become the CEO of You, Inc.: Get Wise, Get Smart, Get (Further) Educated
  • Human Capital 411: Your Personal Human Potential Movement
  • Save ’Til You Drop: Topping off Your Piggy Bank
  • Houses of Blues: Welcome to the Neighborhood of Poverty
  • Can You Still Retire Comfortably? Retirement Was Overrated, Anyway
  • The End Game: “If Something Cannot Go on Forever, It Will Stop”