The Handbook of Economic Cycles


  • Pages: 300
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1991


The Handbook of Economic Cycles: Jake Berstein’s Comprehensive Guide to Repetitive Price Patterns in Stocks, Futures, and Financials 

The purpose of The Handbook of Economic Cycles is to bring the theory and facts of cyclical economic phenomena into greater awareness. There are three keys to success with cycles-elements which Berstein certain are likewise instrumental in the success of any human endeavor. They are:

  1. Observing relationships, patterns, tendencies, repetition, and historical events.
  2. Testing the relationships you have discovered, discarding those that are random, and refining those which are reliable and repetitive.
  3. Applying your knowledge with consistency, perseverance, and discipline.

The Handbook of Economic Cycles will most definitely help you with items 1 and 2; item 3 you will need to achieve independently. And this is unfortunate, since it is often the most difficult to achieve without assistance.


PART I – Cyclical Concepts: Practical and Theoretical Considerations

  • The Nature of Cyclical Phenomena
  • The Importance of Cycles in Economic Forecasting
  • The Time Window and Trend Following
  • What Causes Cycles?

PART II  – The Operation of Economic Cycles

  • An Overview of Economic Cycles
  • Cycles in Stocks and in the Stock Market
  • Cycles in Commodity Prices
  • Cycles in Foreign Currencies

PART III – Seasonal Tendencies and Patterns

  • Seasonal Tendencies in Stocks and Stock Indices
  • The Importance and Future of Cyclical Analysis
  • Short-Term Cycles
  • Detrending as a Method for Finding Cycles
  • A Catalog of Economic Cycles