The Compleat Day Trader


  • Pages: 242
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1995


The Compleat Day Trader walks you through these critical processes step by step to help you execute with focus, logic, and objectivity–no matter how volatile the markets may be. Bernstein’s powerful and clear tools are designed to give you the advantage you’ll need.


The Compleat Day Trader , in and of itself, is not a treasure map to riches untold or a handy little instruction book to the secrets of trading success. While it does contain many of my secrets as well as extremely valuable information, secrets without action, or valuable information without direction and consistency are nothing more than lifeless exhibits at a museum.

Within these pages you will find no claims that this book alone will be a vehicle for your attainment of great wealth as a day trader. If you are looking for guarantees, you’ll need to look elsewhere because you won’t find them in The Compleat Day Trader.

I will only guarantee you that the ideas, systems, methods, indicators, and suggestions in this book will give you the potential to achieve success, but you, and you alone are the instrument which will transform potential energy into actual energy.

The Compleat Day Trader will educate you, guide you, assist you, explain things to you, and illuminate the way for you. But it will not trade for you, put money in your pocket or in your bank account, nor will it fill your head with misleading guarantees.

In The Compleat Day Trader, you will learn :

  • MA Channel Swing Trade with Triggers and Setups
  • MAC Patterns and Signals
  • Power Momentum Day-Trade Formula
  • MACD Divergence Setups and Triggers
  • Gap Day-Trade Method
  • Profit-Maximizing Strategies
  • Media Day-Trade Strategy


  • The Basics
  • What a Day Trader Is and What a Day Trader Does
  • The Illusion of System Testing
  • Day Trading with Moving Averages
  • Intraday Application of Stochastics
  • Gaps, Gaps, Gaps
  • Support and Resistance: the “MAC”
  • Using Wilder’s RSI for Day Trading
  • Using Intraday Momentum
  • Rate of Change in Day Trading
  • Intraday Channel Breakout
  • Traditional Methods of Technical Analysis and Day Trading
  • A Unique Oscillator for Day Trading
  • Scalping the Markets
  • Importance of Orders
  • How Seasonality Affects Markets
  • Intraday Spread Trading
  • The Consecutive Closes System
  • Sentiment Reigns Supreme
  • Critical Time of Day (CTOD)
  • Putting It All Together
  • The Psychology of Day Trading
  • The Impact of 24-Hour Trading on Day Trading
  • Twenty Keys to Success as a Day Trader