The 3 Dimensional Trading Breakthrough


  • Pages: 164
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


The 3 Dimensional Trading Breakthrough, A Definitive Method for Profit & Minimizing Loss

Brian Schad’s powerful 3-Dimensional Trading Breakthrough uses options and futures together in a manner that defies traditional thinking and produces astounding results. Learn how you can potentially turn losers into winners, gain genuine protection, and pave your way to stress-free success.

Author’s Introduction:

This book has been produced for all traders for several reasons. You may be aware 90% of active traders lose money. Well, why do they lose? I think that a lot of these people are stuck to their quote machines, they’re stuck to a hotline, a newsletter, they’re thinking short-term, and they cannot handle losses too well. They also can’t manage profits as well either. What all of these traders have in common is that they don’t have a plan or a “planned” methodology of trading.

Well, this is what I want to present to you now. This is not a “black box system.” This is a plan. A plan, or methodology of trading, that everybody should have when trading the markets. By sticking with a certain plan, or method of trading, you will be consistent with your trades, you will be able to catch the longer-term trends, you will feel like a winner, and your account statement will reflect it.

This manual will transform you into an insightful, knowledgeable, and decisive trader by revealing to you what takes most traders years and years of experience to gain – usually in the most costly and demoralizing manner. The philosophy many full service brokers had was that novice traders were incapable of understanding the markets, crop/financial reports, orders to the floor, etc. ( … which is true!).

Their intentions were to keep you dependent upon their “inside/) knowledge. The primary purpose for a brokerage is to land clients with large accounts. Why should this concern you? Well, it affects your pocketbook directly.


  • The Challenges of Trading
  • Understanding the Trading Instruments
  • Execution of Trades
  • “In the Trade” – Managing your Position