Positional Option Trading: An Advanced Guide


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 264
  • Published Date: 2020


Positional Option Trading is a rigorous, professional-level guide on sophisticated techniques from professional trader and quantitative analyst Euan Sinclair. The author has over two decades of high-level option trading experience. He has written this book specifically for professional options traders who have outgrown more basic trading techniques and are searching for in-depth information suitable for advanced trading.

Custom-tailored to respond to the volatile option trading environment, this expert guide stresses the importance of finding a valid edge in situations where risk is usually overwhelmed by uncertainty and unknowability. Using examples of edges such as the volatility premium, term-structure premia and earnings effects, the author shows how to find valid trading ideas and details the decision process for choosing an option structure that best exploits the advantage.

Advanced topics include a quantitative approach for directionally trading options, the robustness of the Black Scholes Merton model, trade sizing for option portfolios, robust risk management and more. This book:

  • Provides advanced trading techniques for experienced professional traders
  • Addresses the need for in-depth, quantitative information that more general, intro-level options trading books do not provide
  • Helps readers to master their craft and improve their performance
  • Includes advanced risk management methods in option trading


  • Options: A Summary Option Pricing Models
  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis and its Limitations
  • Forecasting Volatility
  • The Variance Premium
  • Finding Trades with Positive Expected Value
  • Volatility Positions
  • Directional Option Trading
  • Directional Option Strategy Selection
  • Trade Sizing
  • Meta Risks