Numerology, The Science of Success


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  • Pages: 28
  • Published Date: 1937


The Science of Numerology is the Science of Numbers and their application to human affairs. Its principles were first laid down and codified by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, who flourished about 500y ears before the Christianera.

Incidentally, we are in-debted to him for our present system of Music, which is based on the very same laws of progression that are the foundation of the Science of Numerology. Thereis, how-ever, fragmentary evidence that some form of Numerology was practised long before the time of Pythagoras-its origin being attributed to the Chinese, who had attaineda high standard of learning and culture long before our Western civilisation had begun.

The Jewish Kabala, too, played a great part in the foundation of the science, and there is abundant evidence of its influence on Modern Numerology as practised at the present time. There is no doubt that much of the ancient lore of Numerology has been lost, but during the last few years a renaissance has taken place, especially in America, where Numerology is often referred to as the “Science of Success” for reasons which will be obvious to the reader by the time he has finished this book.

Many excellent books have been written recently on this Science but, unfortunately, most of them are much too technical and involved, and only succeed in confusing the mind of the average enquirer. The Author has therefore endeavoured to place a working system before the public which will be easily understood and enable the reader to work out his own numbers, and those of his friends, with very little difficulty.