Making It in the Market: Richard Ney’s Low-Risk System for Stock Market Investors




Making It in the Market is an attempt to provide answers to the questions of investors who have discovered that a new approach to making money in the market is needed if they are not, like lemmings, to continue in their habitual paths to self-destruction. The book methodizes the principles, practices, and information that should enable the investor to choose wisely fwm among the many options always opening up before him .


The investor is l ike a chicken unaware he is about to become a broiler. Awareness usually results from an accumulation of errors. Not, however, in the case of the investor. Decade after decade, he continues to attribute his losses either to unpredictable economic circumstances or to his own incompetence. Yet in reality the investor’s losses are caused by the infinitely elaborated controls exerted over the investment process by the big money insiders of the Stock Exchange. The scandal of the age is that mass education turns investors into puppets, the media fasten the strings, and the Exchange then hangs them.

The public’s carefully engineered images of the investment process are rooted in its assumptions about the integrity of its political, financial , and media institutions. Lacking legitimate insights into the motivations of those who head these institutions, investors are unaware that, as aspects of the investment process, they too are controlled by the big-money forces that dominate the Exchange insider establishment.

This book has been designed as a sequel to my earlier books but can be read and understood independently. The Wall Street Jungle and The Wall Street Gang were written primarily to provide investors with realistic concepts of the stock market which are suppressed by the Stock Exchange establishment. The experiences and experiments of more than a decade as an investment adviser have made clear to me the characteristics and typical procedures of Exchange insiders and the complex of conditions that enable them to dominate the investor’s decision-making processes.


  • Selecti ng Your Portfolio or. The First Step in moving money from the Stock Exchange’s Pocket to Yours
  • The Specialist & You or How S400 Billion a Year Is Pumped Out of the Economy
  • Specialist Income or Breathes There a man with Heart So Tough Who Thinks 300 million Ain’t Enough?
  • las Vegas East or Heads I Win ; Tails You Lose
  • The Gift of Grab or The End of the Decline – The Beginning of Crisis
  • Baiting the Hook or Keeping Up with the Dow Jonesees
  • Whatever Goes Up . . . or Apes Living in Trees Are the Real Swingers: They Know When to Let Go
  • Press ing the Down Button, or, The Customer Is Always Wrong
  • Psychological Warfare, or, How to Employ One Stock as a Standard for Appraising the Movements of All Stocks
  • The Media Hotfoot, or, First You Plan a Rally-Then You Organize Ignorance
  • Shock Treatment, or, IBM Drops the Other Shoe
  • The Short Shell Game, or, The Time Bomb at the Heart of the Market
  • Muddle Crass Traditions, or, First You Gotta Beat the Dog Ma
  • Another Burnt Offering, or, Ma Bell Gives the I nvestor a Punch on the Nose
  • When to Buy and Sel l , or, The Buyer Needs a Hundred Eyes, the Seller Only One
  • Keys to Low Risk Investing, or, Questions and Answers to Test your Skills

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