I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 194
  • Published Date: 2005


I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market: Learn to Begin Investing Without Losing Your Life Savings

I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market is a step-by-step process you can follow to enter the fascinating world of Stock Market investing. You can learn to begin investing without losing your life savings. This book can truly change your life by providing techniques and strategies you can use to develop and monitor your own investments.

Author’s Introduction:

The Stock Market .. . Haven’t you always wondered what it really is? Maybe you have yearned for the “special” knowledge your friends who are “in” the stock market seem to have. Maybe you have known someone who “made a fortune” in the stock market and that intrigued you. Maybe you asked yourself, “If they made money, can I?” Or, quite possibly, maybe you know someone who “lost a bunch of money” in the stock market and that scared you … but you still want to know more about this mythical beast or you wouldn’t have this book in your hands.

Through study and trial and error, I have had a very satisfying experience learning to be a stock market investor. I have seen the value of my portfolio increase and have NOT lost my life savings! So, to sum up why I want you to have this book, I’ll borrow part of the book’s title:

  • I WANT TO explain exactly what the stock market is and how you can participate
  • I WANT TO give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to begin investing
  • I WANT TO point out the risks of investing in the stock market and design strategies to minimize those risks
  • I WANT TO show you how to be a confident investor who knows how to protect your assets while watching them grow

This book is written in plain, every-day language and will allow you to begin your experience as a stock market investor right away. With this book as your guide, I b elieve that you will also find this journey to be exciting and rewarding.


  • Am I Smart Enough to Invest in the Stock Market?
  • Is It Gambling to Put Money in the Stock Market?
  • Do I Have Time to Do My Own Investing?
  • What Equipment Will I Need?
  • What Online Services Will I Need?
  • What Type of Account Do I Want to Open?
  • Where Do I Get the Money to Fund My Account?
  • How Do I Pick Stock That Will Make Money?
  • How Do I Buy Unlimited Stocks Without Spending a Penny?
  • How Do I Protect My Money So I Can Sleep at Night?
  • How Do I Calculate the Initial Purchase Stop Sell?
  • How Do I Spend Real Money to Make Real Money?
  • The C.A.S.H. System
  • Check
  • Adjust
  • Sell
  • Harvest
  • How Do I Know if I’m Making Money?
  • What Have I Learned, and What Am I Going to Do About It?
  • Now, What Do I Do With All This Money?