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RSI: The Complete Book

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About the Author

John Hayden is the Director of Risk Management for Directional Research & Trading Ltd. From 1998 to 1999, John worked for Lind-Waldock as a Managed Account Representative where he advised clients on Asset Allocation and Risk Control. Prior to that John Hayden was CEO of PGM Refining Ltd., a Colorado firm that specialized in the processing and refining of gold and platinum group metals where he hedged and traded inventories in the futures and cash markets. John was the founder and CEO of Continental Security Products Inc., a Colorado firm that imported high security equipment from England and other international sources. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, as well as many of the large jewelers in the United States.

In the spring of 1999, John Hayden wrote “The 21 Irrefutable Truths of Trading” which McGraw-Hill is publishing in May 2000. John started day trading stocks while in college in 1975, shifting his focus to commodities in 1992. He earned an A.A.S. degree in Business Administration from Dutchess College and studied Geo-politics at the University of Plano. Also John Hayden wrote The Complete RSI Book in 2004.