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About the Author

Jay Kaeppel (Naperville, IL) is a successful trading strategist for Optionetics, Inc., and has a weekly column titled “Kaeppel’s Corner” in which he writes on a variety of trading topics for  Jay has been profiled in Futures magazine, and Barclays Managed Accounts Report, and is author of The Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading, Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading, and The Option Trader’s Guide to Probability, Volatility and Timing, all of which have achieved the Top 10 List at With 18 years of programming experience, Jay has written a variety of software programs, most notably “Option Pro” trading software, voted “Best Option Trading System” six consecutive years in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine.

As Director of Research for Essex Trading Co., Ltd. (1989-2004), he served as a software developer and trading systems designer, and until 2003 he managed futures trading accounts as a CTA, registering seven consecutive profitable years. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Western Illinois University in 1981.


  • Experienced financial professional with 25+ years as a trader, analyst, and portfolio manager
  • Wrote four different books on trading, including The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading
  • Areas of expertise include options and futures trading, forex, and minimizing risk