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About the Author

Don Miller is an independent fund trader who has created numerous instructional tools for individual investors and professional traders. In the process, he has mentored hundreds of traders on the technical and psychological aspects of the financial markets.

In 2008, after years of suboptimal futures trading results due to his lack of focus, lack of motivation, and an imbalanced career mix, Don began an online trading journal at (later merged with that chronicled his successful attempt to grow his self-directed retirement fund by $1 million in a single year through intraday futures trading, ultimately earning $2 million over 18 months.

In 2009, he created the in-depth Jellie trader training program in an effort to reinvigorate his passion, give back to the industry, and support various charities, including the American Diabetes Association, which is of particular significance to him, as his daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10. In 2012, as one of the clients affected by the MF Global bankruptcy, Don assumed a prominent industry role as customer advocate, working closely with several media outlets and the Commodity Customer Coalition to fight for the speedy and safe return of client assets.

Don’s online trading journal has been listed in the top 10 trading blogs at, and his journal entries have appeared in the International Traders Expo Resource Directory and via syndication on He has spoken at numerous industry forums, including the International Traders Expo and American Association of Individual Investors. His market insights have been published in multiple periodicals and online publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, SFO magazine,, and Don graduated summa cum laude from Bryant College, receiving a bachelor’s of science in business administration with a major in accounting, and earned an executive master’s of business administration degree from the University of Wisconsin.