Options Trading: The Hidden Reality


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 428
  • Published Date: 2006


Options Trading: The Hidden Reality – Ri$k Doctor Guide to Position Adjustment and Hedging

Options Trading: The Hidden Reality is an expanded revision of “Options: Perception and Deception” and “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”. This book (OTTHR) is printed in color and has 100 more pages than previous versions. In addition to 3D graphics and Skew Library, OTTHR features Position Dissection (the Market Maker Risk Management Tool) illustrations on popular wingspread (stretched-out condors, slingshots and skip-strike-flies) and calendarized spread (double diagonals, straddle strangle swaps and double calendars) configurations.

َAuthor’s Introduction:

I wrote this book so that you will come to understand that options are either for you or they are not. For those beginners who understand basic options material, this is a good starting point. For those readers who are having problems trading options, this book will help you to determine where the problems lie, and whether you may be successful with options, or whether you should stay away from them.

My mom, dad and most of my relatives don’t trade options because options are not for them. I have a cousin who trades options. He came to work for me when he left college. I am going to teach you the same way that I taught him. By learning how to avoid the pot holes and surviving long enough to put together a personal game plan, he has gone on to be one of the most exceptional options traders that the industry has ever known. Experience in the markets will teach you more than I will, just as it taught my cousin and thousands of other people who I have shared this content with over the last 25 years. It starts here and it can end here too, without losing a nickel because you will be able to answer the question, “Are options for me?”

There is a lot of material in this book from my first book, “Options: Perception and Deception” (OPD), which was geared towards professional Market Makers who provide liquidity to the markets by bidding and offering every strike and month. My second book, “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” (CWS) kept a lot of OPD, but added content necessary for retail investors because it was given to clients of an electronic brokerage firm which I co-founded. “Options Trading: The Hidden Reality” merges the information in each of those books, because retail type traders, are now hungry for Market Maker techniques, and are much more sophisticated than industry leaders (exchanges and brokerage houses) give them credit for.

Most of the people reading this book know something about puts and calls. To be able to trade puts and calls profitably, one needs a full grasp of the concepts. The market takes no prisoners. It simply deletes those who do not have enough knowledge and/or are hesitant to make decisions.


  • Picking Up Where The Rest Leave Off Synthetics
  • A Just Cause for Adjustments
  • Nuts and Bolts of Options
  • Strangles And Straddles
  • Verticals (Bull and Bear Spreads) & Collars
  • Wingspreads
  • Multi Expiration Spreads
  • Market Makers Insights
  • Hybrid Hedging
  • You Can Live With or Without Skew
  • Option Dialogue