Numerology: Make Predictions and Decisions Based on the Power of Numbers


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 370
  • Published Date: 2013


Numerology: Make Predictions and Decisions Based on the Power of Numbers is an easy-to-understand reference that explains Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah, Chinese, and other systems. It offers step-by-step instructions for calculating and interpreting the various types of numbers, including the Destiny, Soul, Personality, and Life Path numbers, as well Pinnacles and Challenges. Idiot’s Guides: Numerology also includes a succinct, but detailed, worksheet for calculating and capturing all of the various personal numbers.

How This Book Is Organized:

This book is broken down into five parts: Part 1, What Is Numerology?, provides an overview about numerology. The chapters in this part explore the history of numerology, including various numerology systems from around the world. This part also explains the basics of Pythagorean numerology (the system covered in this book), the meanings of the letters A to Z, and numerology’s various numbers and their meanings.

Part 2, The Secrets in Your Name, features step-by-step instructions for calculating three of your Core (or main) Numbers based on your name—Destiny, Soul, and Personality—and what they mean in combination. You also learn about the parts of the Inclusion Table and Type and Traits Chart, which help you gather information about how the letters in your name affect your life. I even show you how to progress the letters in your name to learn about your true essence.

Part 3, What You Were Born With, explores the meaning behind your birth date. It reveals another of your Core Numbers, your Life Path Number, and your Pinnacles and Challenges. You also learn how to calculate and interpret numbers relating to personal time frames, including years, triads, months, and days.

Part 4, Tying It All Together, discusses some of the lesser-known numbers in numerology that help complete your numerological profile. You learn to determine the numbers that will appear in your more mature years, as well as numbers that may have negative implications. These chap-ters also show you how to identify important years and periods in your life. I then give you a rundown of the numerology worksheet, which is a great way to collect all of your information in one place.

Part 5, Fun Things to Do and Know, explores keys for choosing important names in your life, such as businesses, home and email addresses, and more. You also learn about choosing the per-fect name and birth date for your baby.


  • The History of Numerology
  • Getting Started with Numerology
  • The Destiny Number
  • The Soul Number
  • The Personality Number
  • Destiny, Soul, and Personality Number Combinations
  • Elements Within Your Name
  • Progression of Letters and the Hidden Essence and Essence Numbers
  • The Birthday Number
  • The Life Path Number and the Hidden Cross
  • Pinnacles and Challenges
  • The Personal Year Number
  • The Triad Numbers
  • The Personal Month Numbers
  • The Personal Day Number
  • Numerology’s Other Numbers
  • Important Year Numbers
  • Introducing the Worksheet
  • Choosing the Names and Numbers in Your Life
  • What About the Baby?