New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems


  • Pages: 116
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1978


The purpose of New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems is not to entertain, but rather to equip the reader with specific concepts, tools and indexes to use in trading the markets. The concepts, methods and systems presented in this book are the result of many years of study and research in the market. The approach is strictly technical and the results are definitive.

Author’s Introduction:

Nothing in this book has been taken from a previous author’s work. What you are about to read is original. I have tried to present the material in such a way that it will be readily understandable to the beginning trader as well as the seasoned professional who is familiar with systems technology. This is a difficult task.

I realize that the beginner may find himself reading through the text several times in order to completely comprehend the material and the computer whiz kids will find the information overly simplified; however, I think the average trader will find the material set out in a way that is reasonably easy to follow.

The programmable calculator, due to its relatively inexpensive cost, is readily becoming an indispensable tool for the technical trader. All of the systems and indexes in this book can be programmed on most of the programmable calculators now on the market.

Usually the dealer who sells programmable calculators also has personnel capable of writing programs to be used in the calculator and it should be easy for this person to program your calculator for any or all systems in this book.


  • The Missing Part of Most Trading Plans
  • The Parabolic System
  • The Volatility Index
  • The Volatility System
  • The Directional Movement Concept & System
  • The Momentum Concept
  • The Trend Balance Point System
  • The Relative Strength Index
  • The Reaction Trend System
  • The Swing Index
  • The Commodity Selection Index
  • Capital Management