Mind over Markets: Power Trading with Market Generated Information


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 368
  • Published Date: 2013


Mind Over Markets is a book about learning; learning the dynamics of markets through the organization of price, time and volume, and learning how to synthesize this information with your own intuition. This book is an examination of Market Profile(tm) charting concepts. The Market Profile principle is also used by knowledgeable and experienced day traders. This is the best available text on the subject.

In Mind Over Markets, our goal is to teach you how to read the plays. In more concrete terms, you will learn how to identify the information generated by the market, understand its implications, and act on your knowledge. However, this is not a book about a trading system that works or does not work. The Market Profile is not a black box that dogmatically tells you when to buy and sell commodities. This is a book on learning. This is a book on observing and understanding the market.

Mind Over Markets is organized around the five basic steps in the learning process, roughly corresponding to the five stages of skill acquisition discussed in the book Mind Over Machine, by Hubert and Stuart Dreyfus. To illustrate these stages, imagine a young man named David. He attends a concert at his college given by a well-known contemporary pianist. While listening to Beethoven’s haunting “Moonlight Sonata,” he is moved by the pure emotion expressed in the piece and decides he must learn to play the piano. The next day he arranges for his first lesson.


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