Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader


  • Pages: 334
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2001


Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader is a complete biography of Jesse Livermore, the man and the trader. It chronicles his life in fine detail and also reveals many new aspects of his groundbreaking trading techniques, which were revolutionary then and which remain revolutionary today.


There are four simple themes to this book.

First, human nature never changes. Therefore, the stock market never changes. Only the faces, the pockets, the suckers and the manipulators, the wars, the disasters, and the technologies change. The market itself never changes. How can it? Human nature never changes, and human nature runs the market—not reason, not economics, and certainly not logic. It is our human emotions that drive the market, as they do most other things on this planet.

Second, the achievement of material goals and career ambitions does not equal the achievement of happiness in life. There is no correlation between success and happiness. There is no automatic balance between worldly riches and emotional fulfillment.

Third, it is our will that allows each of us to accomplish our goals, not our intellect. Talent is not enough. Luck is not enough. Only the will to suffer hard work and incredible persistence leads to the attainment of the impossible. There are no shortcuts; there is no easy way. Especially, as you’ll find out, in the stock market.

Finally, it is the individual, not the group, that has led to the great discoveries of humanity. The great ideas, the great fortunes, and the giant steps forward in technology, politics, and medicine have all come from individuals, not groups.


  • The Great Bear of Wall Street
  • The Back Story
  • The San Francisco Earthquake Rumbles in New York
  • The Crash of 1907
  • The Cotton King
  • Back on His Game
  • Perfecting His Market Theory
  • Stock Pools and Scandals
  • Boston Billy
  • The Crash of 1929
  • When to Hold and When to Fold
  • Livermore’s Money-Management Rules
  • Livermore’s Luck Sours
  • The Shooting of Jesse Livermore Jr.
  • Facing the Grim Reaper