Beginners Guide to Trading


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 532
  • Published Date: 2020


Beginners Guide to Trading Includes Day, Forex, Options and Swing Trading for Beginners. Learn Psychology, Tips, Tricks How to Start Investing and Create a Passive Income from Home.

rading for beginners could be a tough endeavor. It is not only about how the market changes but also because of the elusive yet common expectations among beginners. Even seasoned traders go through hard falls. That’s normal, yes, but you can reduce them by applying helpful tips, strategies, and tricks. Especially if you want to treat trading as a business, success must be your middle name.Despite the challenges involved in trading, some people choose to trade as a part-time or a full-time gig. Following a good strategy and knowing your stuff would eventually allow you to generate impressive money over time. The market seems to get complicated, and increasingly more people show interest in trading.


Book 1: Day Trading for Beginners:

  • How to Start Day Trading
  • Trading Platforms
  • Selecting a Broker
  • Day Trading Orders
  • Most Important Day Trading Strategies
  • Trading and Time
  • What Should You Invest in to Be Profitable at Day Trading
  • From Mere Income Generation to Vocation
  • Momentum Trading
  • Deflation vs. Inflation How to Fight Them
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management Strategies

Book 2: Forex Trading for Beginners:

  • Forex Trading Pros and Cons
  • Opening a Brokerage Account
  • Currency Pairs and PIPS
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Tools, Indicators, and Patterns of Trading
  • Scalping Strategy
  • What Are the Most Popular Forex Trading Styles and Strategies?
  • A New Species, Cryptocurrency
  • How to Develop a Winning Routine
  • Manage Your Emotions with Trading Psychology
  • Risk management & Trading Plan
  • Common Mistakes and Tips for Beginners in Forex Trading

Book 3: Options Trading for Beginners:

  • History of Options
  • The Types of Options
  • Options Trading vs. Day Trading
  • Managing Options Positions
  • Binary Options
  • Trading Varying Time Frames
  • Buying and Selling Puts
  • How to Use the Collar Strategy
  • Market Environment
  • Rules for Successful Trading
  • Tips for Trading Options

Book 4: Swing Trading for Beginners:

  • Swing Trading Basics
  • Characteristics of A Swing Trader
  • Swing Trading Market Characteristics
  • Finding a Suitable Market
  • Tools for Every Beginner
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • The Psychology of a Successful Swing Trader
  • Money Management
  • Risk and Account Management