Astrological Patterns: The Key to Self Discovery


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 337
  • Published Date: 1989


In Astrological Patterns, Frances Sakoian, Betty Caulfield lucidly explain the basic principles of astrology, show with refinement effective uses of these principles, while at the same time introducing innovative new ideas. But please do not misunderstand one important feature of Sakoian and Caulfield’s work: Though they introduce a generous amount of rich material, it all connects, it all relates, and hence they keep intact the simplicity of the structure while tastefully showing the reader exciting applications of this basic foundation.


As one reads the book, one instinctively gets the impression that years of study and application are transmitting their wisdom onto the pages. And it is true. The reader is probably already aware that he or she is dealing with two of the world’s most astute and prolific astrolOgical writers. Frances and Betty are indeed largely responsible for, and certainly two of the pioneers of, the modern-day astrological renaissance.

Frances’s numerous high-quality books have blazed the path for many of our present-day seekers, including this writer. It is particularly gratifying to look up now and see that Sakoian and Caulfield prOvide us with yet another significant work and message: that even though all of these new and exciting developments are occurring in our field, the beauty of the simplicity still remains. And the real art to our study, as the authors have realized through years of exploration and practice, is in the application of the foundations.

Frances Sakoian and Betty Caulfield understand the foundations of astrological practice. They have explored many of the new dimensions offered in our field-have in fact taught us many of these techniques. Once again, it is our privilege to experience yet another level of these brilliant authors’ enlightenment. For whether they are aware of it or not, they have served as sages to a whole generation of apprentices-and they continue to do so through this book.


  • History of Astrology
  • The Zodiac of the Astrologers Versus the Zodiac of the Astronomers
  • Triplicities and Quadruplicities and Their Use
  • Sun Signs and Rising Signs
  • Introduction to the Signs of the Zodiac
  • The Twelve House Patterns
  • Evaluating the Strength and Weakness of Planets
  • Planet Patterns
  • Divisions of the Horoscope-Hemispheric Emphasis
  • The Seven Basic Planetary Patterns
  • Natural Disposition
  • Mental Chemistry
  • Erecting the Horoscope
  • An Example of a Professional Delineation with Rules and References