Advanced Options Trading: Approaches, Tools, and Techniques for Professionals Traders


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 303
  • Published Date: 2010


Advanced Options Trading provides a solid foundation on the options market, along with the necessary skills for trading and managing risk in today’s constantly expanding and contracting market. As an active trader in today’s market, you are faced with unprecedented challenges. Dramatic price swings in equity, debt, and currency have made it tougher than ever to manage and trade risk. But with great risk, of course, comes great opportunity― and Advanced Options Trading delivers a detailed system for successfully trading options in a highly volatile and unpredictable global market.

Author’s Introduction:

In creating Advanced Option Trading in Volatile Markets, I wanted to bring you advanced trading and option techniques to allow you to follow the trending masses while learning to offset the risk of significant changes in market direction. In this book we cover a great deal about volatility and the effects of volatility on market trading. Volatility ebbs and flows; it is not a fixed or necessarily predictable aspect of the market. Your job as an investor, trader, or financial professional is to learn to manage volatility using advanced strategy and trading discipline.

To be a successful investor or financial professional today, you must have a full understanding of the advanced strategies available for your portfolio as well as an understanding of how these strate-gies are utilized by other investors. I wanted to bring advanced strategy to a level that was quickly and easily understandable and to avoid a bunch of flowery language and complicated mathematics that often discourage busy people from learning advanced portfolio management.

Advanced Options Trading covers:

  • The critical nature of forward-looking implied volatility
  • Ways to level the volatility playing field with options
  • Techniques for adding value to a portfolio while managing risk
  • The functions of price hedging― and how to do it effectively
  • Interest rate options and which factors drive debt markets
  • Options analysis techniques


  • The New Market
  • Understanding Options
  • Volatility and Options
  • Buying Options
  • Selling Options
  • Advanced Spreads
  • Wingspreads
  • Indices and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Interest-Rate Products
  • Option Pricing
  • Market Theory and Portfolio Management