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About the Author

Toby Crabel (born 1955)  is a tennis player who is now a commodities trader. In 2005, the Financial Times called Crabel “the most well-known trader on the counter-trend side”. He is the fund manager of “Crabel Capital Management,” which has previously ranked highly on Absolute Return magazine’s list of US groups with more than $1 billion Assets under management. Crabel managed 3.2 billion dollars with growth of 16.7% in 2005. Crabel has a strong record of positive returns, having avoided a single losing year between 1991 and 2002.

Crabel released his book, Day Trading with Short-term Price Patterns, in 1990. Crabel is still an active tennis player and as of November 2021, was ranked No.1 seeded player in 65 and over age range.

In 1975, while attending college. Crabel began to trade the markets. In the late 1980s, Crabel published a series of articles detailing various short-term price patterns for futures trading. He worked as a trader for Victor Niederhoffer at his firm in New York, while also giving short-term market advice to floor traders. He left Niederhoffer Investments in 1992 to focus exclusively on managed futures trading. In January 1992, he started running his flagship Diversified Futures program. During 1998, he ran his hedge fund out of his house, located in a rural area northwest of Milwaukee. Diversified Futures closed to new investments in 2001 and had positive returns from inception through 2006.

He currently manages private client funds though Crabel Fund Ltd for non-US clients and through Crabel Fund LP for US clients. As of 2022, assets under management are $7.5Bn. Crabel manages these funds with a staff of 31 researchers and 28 traders.