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About the Author

Thomas N. Bulkowski is recognized by many as one of the world’s leading authorities on chart patterns. He is a successful investor and trader with over 35 years of experience trading stocks. He is also the author of the books:

  • Chart Patterns: After the Buy
  • Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts
  • Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Second Edition
  • Fundamental Analysis and Position Trading: Evolution of a Trader
  • Getting Started in Chart Patterns, Second Edition
  • Swing and Day Trading: Evolution of a Trader
  • Trading Basics: Evolution of a Trader
  • Trading Classic Chart Patterns
  • Visual Guild to Chart Patterns

His best selling books have been translated into over a dozen languages. Over 130 of his articles have been published in Active Trader; Stocks, Futures and Options; The Technical Analyst; Traders’; The Trader’s Journal; Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and other magazines.

Before earning enough from his investments to retire from his day job at age thirty-six, Bulkowski was a hardware design engineer at Raytheon, a senior software engineer for Tandy Corporation, and a software manager for Tracor-Westronics.

He was the president and charter member of the Keller Writers’ Association, vice president of membership and later treasurer of the Keller Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Keller Parks and Recreation board, president of Keep Keller Beautiful, and vice president of the Friends of the Keller Library. He authored the Keller Recycling Task Force report and Park System Study for the City of Keller.

He enjoys writing fiction, chasing cars with his bicycle, watching flowers bloom in his gardens, woodworking, photography, and reading.