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About the Author

Tom Lloyd Sr. was born in Brooklyn where his family lived since 1850. He grew up on 44th Street in Sunnyside, Queens. He graduated from Bishop Loughlin HS with Larry Waterhouse, founder of Waterhouse Securities. Tom received his BA from NYU and his MBA from St.John’s U. His interest in stocks began early, at the age of 12 when his mother gave him a prospectus to read on Technicolor Inc. He rendered his first “buy” decision and the stock was purchased.

Tom started on Wall Street using fundamental analysis with his MBA in Accounting. Then he moved on to technical analysis training portfolio managers. Finally he utilized both technical and fundamentals in quantitative systems to select stocks. He is currently associated with two such systems, and Tom frequently writes for and He is the organizer of Massapequa Investing Trading Talks on and leads monthly meetings