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About the Author

Richard Russell was an American financial writer and publisher who became well-known for his work on market analysis and his association with the Elliott Wave Theory. Born on January 22, 1924, in New York City, he passed away on November 21, 2015.

Russell’s career in finance started in the 1950s. He gained recognition as the publisher of the Dow Theory Letters, a financial newsletter he began in 1958. The Dow Theory Letters provided insights into market trends and investment strategies, and it became one of the longest-running financial newsletters in the industry.

Richard Russell was also known for his interest in technical analysis, and he became a proponent of the Elliott Wave Theory. This theory, developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott, seeks to predict market trends by analyzing repetitive wave patterns in price movements. Russell applied this theory in his market analysis and shared his insights with his readers.

Over the years, Russell’s writings covered a wide range of financial topics, including market cycles, precious metals, and the global economy. His commentary and market insights made him a respected figure in the financial community.

Richard Russell’s legacy lives on through the Dow Theory Letters, which continues to be published. The newsletter, although now under new management, remains a source of financial analysis and market commentary for investors.