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About the Author

Rick Ferri, CFA, is an hourly-fee adviser for cost-conscious do-it-yourself investors. Visit for details. Rick has over 30 years experience in the investment industry including ten years as a financial consultant at two major Wall Street firms and the founder and former owner of a large portfolio management firm.

Rick is a financial analyst, author, mentor for young advisers. Rick graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. degree in business and an M.S. in Financial degree from Walsh College in Michigan. Rick has published extensively including several books on index funds, ETFs and asset allocation. Major Ferri is also a retired Marine Corps veteran and flew fighter aircraft. A few notable achievements in his career include:

✔ 35 years as a financial adviser, and a recognized champion for low investment fees.

✔ A pioneer in low-fee investment advice and portfolio management using ETFs and index funds.

✔ Authored 7 investment books and hundreds of articles. Published in Forbes, WSJ and professional journals.

✔ Co-authored a research paper on index investing that won the S&P Dow Jones Indices 3rd Annual SPIVA Award.

✔ Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

✔ Master of Science in Finance from Walsh College and a CFA Charterholder; former adjunct professor at Walsh.

✔ 21 years of service in the US Marine Corps on active duty and reserves.