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About the Author

Nancy Tengler spent two decades as a professional investor managing billions of dollars of other people’s money. Along the way she met very smart women who were not only disengaged from the management of their wealth but didn’t seem at all concerned about it. As a result, raising women’s financial IQs has become her passion. A columnist, author, financial news commentator and university professor, her latest book The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing was released by Palgrave Macmillan in August. The book explains why women must invest for their future (reason number one: they tend to live longer and, therefore, simply need more money in retirement) and also encourages women–“hardwired with the attributes required for successful investing”–to believe that they really do make excellent investors. Implementable investment strategies are explained in accessible, lively prose. Even if you never intend to manage your money directly, understanding Tengler’s principles will improve your results as a client and teach you the right questions to ask your advisor. The book also articulates which investment strategies to avoid and which will increase your effectiveness in growing your wealth for long-term financial security.

Nancy Tengler has worked as a Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, overseeing the management of tens of billions of dollars globally. She was named one of Money Magazine’s Best Women Investors and served as a regular guest host on CNBC as well as been a frequent guest on PBS, CNN, CBS, NBC and Bloomberg TV. In addition, to her contributions to financial news sites like and Yahoo! Finance, Tengler writes a weekly investing column for women entitled “Your Financial IQ” published in The Arizona Republic.