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About the Author

Murray A. Ruggiero, JR., is president of Ruggiero Associates in East Haven, Conn., a firm which specializes in the development and testing of market timing applications using state-of-the-art computer technologies. One of the world’s foremost experts on using intermarket and trend analysis to locate and confirm developing price moves in the markets, Murray has been called “The Einstein of Wall Street” by those who know the value of his amazing work.

Some say Murray comes by his analytical abilities naturally, having been raised around the research laboratories of Yale University by a father who held 29 patents. Whether that tale is true or not, Murray is one of those rare individuals who loves dealing with statistics and mathematical data, and he thoroughly enjoys the challenge of using that data to help solve real-world trading problems.

Murray’s personal and work history reflects his attraction to mathematics. In college, he earned his degree in Astrophysics hardly a major for the mathematically challenged. After college, Murray began working on neural net and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for applications in the investment arena. As a result of that work, Murray’s reputation as a system developer quickly grew, and it wasn’t long before some of the most powerful names in the investment world came to him for help.

John J. Murphy, the “Father of Intermarket Analysis,” noticed Murray’s work early on, and on several occasions invited the young analyst to appear as a guest on his CNBC television show. Murphy remains one of Murray’s staunch supporters, openly applauding the practical applications of his work.

Business Week magazine recently featured Murray as one of the nation’s leading experts on using neural networks in finance and investing. Dozens of high-profile traders and professional money managers seem to agree; they come to Murray for analysis and systems development work on a regular basis. Unlike many in the ego-driven investment world, Murray has no desire to keep his research results only for himself. He has published more than 50 articles on Intermarket Analysis and other subjects over the years, in Futures magazine, Omega magazine and several other prestigious periodicals.

Murray’s first book, Cybernetic Trading, revealed details of his market analysis and systems testing at a level seldom seen in the investment world. Reviewers were universal in their praise of the book, and it became a “best seller” among systems traders, analysts and money managers alike. In addition to his other published works, Murray’s own bi-monthly Inside Advantage newsletter includes not only the results of his analysis and system testing, but also the computer code that allows readers to input his systems into their own computers. Murray’s willingness to openly share “proprietary” information is like a magnet to traders, attracting thousands of subscribers worldwide.