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About the Author

Michael L. Halls-Moore is a quantitative finance professional and entrepreneur known for his expertise in algorithmic trading, financial modeling, and machine learning in finance. While specific biographical details about him may not be widely available, we can piece together some information based on his work and contributions to the field.

Halls-Moore holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Oxford. His educational background suggests a strong foundation in mathematics and its application to finance.

Throughout his career, Halls-Moore has worked in various roles within the finance industry, including quantitative research, algorithmic trading, and risk management. His experience in these areas likely provided him with valuable insights into financial markets and the development of quantitative trading strategies.

One of Halls-Moore’s notable contributions is the founding of, a website dedicated to providing educational resources and tutorials for aspiring quantitative finance professionals. Through, he shares his knowledge and expertise in quantitative finance, covering topics such as algorithmic trading strategies, mathematical finance, programming languages like Python and R, and machine learning techniques applied to finance.

While there may not be extensive biographical information available about Halls-Moore, his work and contributions to the field of quantitative finance have made him a respected figure in the industry.