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About the Author

Michael Chupka grew up in northern Delaware, his father a Ph.D. in chemistry and his mother a registered nurse. In his high school years, Michael was deeply involved with various service organizations, mainly Key Club, giving much of his time freely to others. He also worked part time as a manager of a local store between his obligations as an officer of Key Club and captain of the cross country team. Michael attended the University of Missouri-Rolla, majoring in geology, micropaleontology and English literature. He left University of Missouri-Rolla and returned to Delaware with a hope to further pursue his studies in the field of paleo-biology.

It was during this time that Power Financial Group, Inc., was in the midst of a major growth period and was looking to expand its support team. Greg Zerenner, Vice President of PowerOptions and now President of PowerOptionsApplied, approached Michael with an opportunity to join the PowerOptions staff. It was Mr. Zerenner’s idea that Michael’s strong dedication to service combined with a knowledge of scientific methods would make him a perfect fit to the PowerOptions support team. Five years and tens of thousands of PowerOptions customers later, Mr. Chupka has established himself as head of the PowerOptions support team and a recognized options strategy educator in the industry. Michael has written dozens of educational articles for PowerOptions, but this is Michael’s first book co-authored with Ernie Zerenner, President of Power Financial Group, Inc.