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About the Author

Martin J. Pring is the president of Pring Research and Chairman of Pring Turner Capital Group (PTG), a money management and sub-advisory firm, located in Walnut Creek, CA. He is also the president of, the research arm of PTG, which provides research to individuals and financial institutions around the world through the publication of the Intermarket Review, a monthly synopsis of the long-term technical position of the world’s principal financial markets, now in its 38th year. He is also a regular contributor at

The author of over 15 investment books; one of the more well-known classics by Martin is, Technical Analysis Explained (TAE), now in its fifth edition. TAE is used by international technical societies and many universities for training and was required reading for the CMT certification for several decades. Other books by Pring are his Investment Psychology Explained, cited by Worth Magazine as one of the fifteen best investment books of the last 150 years, as well as The All-Season Investor and Active Asset Allocation. He has also written Martin Pring’s Complete Guide to Technical Analysis: An Indian Perspective, released in 2010 by Shroff Publishing in Mumbai.

Widely acclaimed by his peers, Martin has received the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts Jack Frost Memorial Award, as well as the CMT Association’s coveted Annual Award. He has also been made an honorary member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians and a fellow of the British Technical Society.

His latest endeavor, launching in 2023, is his long-awaited interactive, web-based complete educational training course to be called Pring University. PringU will offer over 15 hours of interactive online video training in the art of Technical Analysis. Each lesson will be followed by an interactive quiz to further strengthen the students’ knowledge. Additional information is currently available at