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About the Author

Mark Minervini is the author of the best-selling books Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and Think and Trade Like a Champion (both on BookAuthority’s “Best Stock Market Books of All Time” list) – He is featured in Momentum Masters – A Roundtable Interview with Super Traders and in Jack Schwager’s Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America’s Top Stock Traders. Schwager wrote: “Minervini’s performance has been nothing short of astounding. Most traders and money managers would be delighted to have Minervini’s worst year—a 128 percent gain—as their best.”

Starting with only a few thousand dollars, Mark turned his personal trading account into millions, averaging 220% per year for more than five consecutive years with only one losing quarter; an incredible 33,500% total return. To put that in perspective, a $100,000 account would explode to more than $30 million in just 5 years.

To demonstrate the capabilities of his SEPA® trading methodology, in 1997, Mark put up $250,000 of his own money and entered the U.S. Investing Championship. Trading against highly leveraged futures and options traders, Mark traded a long-only stock portfolio to win the real-money investment derby with a 155% annual return, a performance that was nearly double the nearest competing money manager.

Mark educates traders about his SEPA® methodology through Minervini Private Access, an online platform that allows users the unique experience of trading side-by-side with him in real-time. He also conducts a live Master Trader Program workshop where he teaches his system in a comprehensive weekend event.