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About the Author

Larry Jacobs has a BS and Masters Degree in Business. He started in the financial industry as a stock and futures broker in a major brokerage company in 1976 and was a broker for 24 years. He started a financial magazine in 1978, ” The Gann & Elliott Wave Magazine” which was later changed in name to “Traders World Magazine”. The magazine is quarterly and is distributed to book stores across the United States and Canada and to subscribers across the world. 12,000 issues are distributed quarterly. He also created the Sonata Trading Computer division, which is built and is optimized specifically for trading for speed and reliability. The computer has been sold to traders in almost every state in the United States and many foreign countries. He started and developled, which is held 2 times per year bringing together 45 top traders who speak on how to improve trading. He has author of seven trading books:

  • Gann Masters
  • Gann Masters II
  • How to Make Time and Price Overlays
  • Gann Masters Charts Unveiled
  • W.D. Gann in Real-Time Trading
  • Patterns & Ellipses
  • Elliott Wave Masters

Trading Success

  • Won first place in the Robbins World Cup Trading Championship 2001 (Stock Division).
  • Won third place in the Robbins World Cup Trading Championship 2000 (Stock Division).