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About the Author

L. Dee Belveal is an accomplished economist, journalist, and author. Born August 15, 1918, he attended public schools in Boise, Idaho, and is an alumnus of American University in Washington, D.C. He is widely published author on commodity trading and futures markets, having contributed five volumes dealing with these topics, covering the full range of professional price speculation and risk management. He draws on more than twenty years of experience as a professional speculator.

In addition to his writing on market topics, Mr. Belveal also created and administered the Commodity Solicitors Registration Examination, first launched in the US in 1965, which has since become an industry-wide requirement for all futures brokers in order to be licensed to trade on regulated exchanges anywhere in the world. He has served as economic consultant to some of the world’s most distinguished commercial firms, as well as advising governments in connection with their commodity planning and marketing activities. For a single example, Mr. Belveal directed the planning, structure and addition of Honduras coffee exports to the list of deliverables against the New York Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange C contract.

As a business correspondent, he has lived, worked and traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Asia. He keeps his international Press Credentials current. He does consulting, lecturing, and writes occasional business and economic reports, as time permits and his personal interests justify.