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About the Author

John Netto is a former U.S. Marine and professional hedge fund manager. He has taught his One Shot – One Kill Method of trading to hundreds of professional and non-professional traders, brokers and money managers.

Deemed a stock market prodigy at an early age, Mr. Netto is President and Founder of One Shot – One Kill Trading, LLC and Chief Investment Strategist for Semper Fidelis Capital Management, LLC, a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). He is recognized as a technical analysis expert and is the creator of ‘Netto Numbers’, a quantitative and objective assessment tool for determining the quality and appropriate asset allocation of a trade, before actually entering it.

Mr. Netto has gained the respect of traders for his tireless devotion to providing poignant market insight and forecasts via his nightly newsletter and real-time online educational service, ‘SniperScope’. His One Shot – One Kill Method of trading teaches his students the discipline to succeed and is taught online and at workshops throughout the year.

Besides being an avid student of the financial markets, John speaks, reads, and writes Japanese and Chinese. He worked abroad for nearly four years throughout the Far East including the US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. During his matriculation at the University of Washington, John’s curriculum focused on Japanese, Chinese, and Finance.