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Jim Kane’S Complete Book Set

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What makes the Kane Trading approach unique? Jim Kane is an innovator with a real ability to ‘think outside the box’. His research is always ongoing, always ‘cutting edge’, with an emphasis on application, not theory. As his ‘trading role model’ Bruce Lee used to say, the true test of a technique is the ability to land it on an opponent in actual combat. In that way, the focus here is in trying to find techniques with actual trading applicability.

The gist of the methodology is to trade trends using a synergistic approach derived from Fibonacci numbers (many newly discovered by Jim), ABCD patterns, median line work, market frequencies, and additional techniques. When multiple uncorrelated techniques point to the same area, the idea is that a synergy may exist and the odds of a successful trade increases.

Now combine that with a rigorous approach to a comprehensive ‘Trading Plan’ instead of the usual vendor approach of the setup being almost the entire plan and a view towards a collection of small edges emerges, instead of an unrealistic attempt to get one big edge in the setup. This is the basis of the Kane Trading approach: unique new cutting edge research with an emphasis on real world trading, built into a comprehensive ‘Trading Plan’ that covers every aspect of the trade, from start to finish, and all the while focusing on realistic expectations. The KT methodology is a truly balanced approach.