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DeMark Indicators


About the Author

Jason Perl¬†joined the Multi-Asset Sales Team at UBS in June 2009 to identify turning points in markets for the Bank’s largest clients. He advises CIO’s and Heads of Trading at macro hedge and sovereign wealth funds as well as tactical asset allocation teams on market timing, using the DeMark indicators exclusively. Previously he was Global Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Technical Strategy at UBS. He joined the group in 2000 and ran it from 2004-2009. Jason and his team provided both short-term and medium-term trading strategies to central banks, hedge funds, institutional investors and wealth managers around the world as well as general and specialist educational technical analysis training.

Prior to joining UBS, he was an independent consultant advising proprietary desks and hedge funds on short-term trading strategies as well as helping institutional investors with trading system design and development. He was also a technical strategy adviser to a number of large financial data vendors and a contributing editor for Futures & Options World, FX & MM, Petroleum Argos and the International Petroleum Exchange’s (IPE), Pipeline Magazine. Jason’s area of technical expertise is the DeMark indicators, which he has been using for the past nineteen years.