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J.M. Hurst is known by many contemporary market technicians as the ‘father’ of modern cyclic analysis. When he first introduced his concepts in the early 1970’s through his classic work “The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing”, he quickly developed a loyal following from market technicians all over the country, eager to learn his techniques and apply the principles. For a few short years, he even taught a course on Cyclic Analysis & Hurst Cycle Course Books.

Unfortunately, like W.D. Gann before him, most of Hurst’s techniques were too complicated for the average trader, and only a relative few know how to apply the concepts in real-time in today’s markets. In irony, Hurst disappeared shortly thereafter, taking most of what he knew and understood along with him. Sadly, Mr. Hurst passed away in 2005.

Hurst’s theory of channel and envelope analysis was the cornerstone of his work, with time cycles and classic trendline analysis used to aid the forecasting  techniques. Although likely impossible to do for an extended period of time, a 13-week real-time experiment from the Hurst group produced a 90% accuracy in buying and selling stocks, using his proprietary techniques of cyclical analysis.