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About the Author

Gary Dayton began trading in 1999. He wasn’t successful at first. In fact, it took him several years before he turned a profit trading. He learned not only does a trader need sound technical skills and money management knowledge, a trader also needs the right psychology to put their knowledge and skills into profitable practice. Gary is also a psychologist. He comes from the unique perspective of possessing both trading skills and the knowledge of the mental side of the trading game.

Gary teaches traders the almost lost art of chart reading through price action and volume. He is an expert in reading the market by its own actions. Each week in his unique, on-line “Deep Practice” training program, Gary personally guides traders through challenging, simulated trading situations designed to help them acquire the specific technical and mental skills needed for effective trading.

Gary’s experience and work with traders on the mental side of trading are rendered in his new book, Trade Mindfully. State of the art techniques of mindfulness, mental acceptance, and commitment to high value trading actions are detailed through case examples to help traders decisively overcome the common mental demons that bedevil them. More than this, however, Gary equips traders with a proven trading process–steeped in sport and performance psychology–to help traders perform better. If you have been looking for something that will clearly explain how to develop both your mental and technical trading skills, you will find Trade Mindfully to be the book you have been looking for.