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About the Author

During a 30-year career at Hewlett-Packard, Ernie Zerenner forged a trail of achievement. He developed four patents, delivered six well-received papers, received an international award for his invention of the Fused Silica Column, and had an impressive list of industry firsts, including the first microprocessor-driven instrument in the analytical industry. During his tenure, Ernie continued his lifelong fascination with the stock market, building a successful portfolio. When retirement loomed, Ernie felt it was necessary to switch his investing philosophy from seeking capital gains to creating income from assets owned. So he turned to covered calls, an options trading strategy designed to generate consistent income.

Using a calculator and the financial pages, it took 8 to 10 hours to find good opportunities. In an attempt to cut that time frame, Ernie and a colleague designed a program to scan the entire market and find the best covered calls. The time required to do the job dropped from eight hours to eight minutes. It was breakthrough technology that earned a patent and was the basis for a web site called that not only supports Ernie’s covered call investments, it supports thousands of subscriber/investors in, at last count, 57 countries all over the is still the largest subscription program of Power Financial Group, the trading company Ernie established in 1997. Today, he continues to innovate and seek ways to help investors grow through options trading.