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About the Author

Ed Dobson started trading stocks in junior high school in the 1950s and moved on to futures in his senior year of college in 1966, losing $8000 of 80 cents-per-hour work money my initial payment to the school of hard knocks.

After serving in the Army in Vietnam, he joined Gerald Gold, author of one of the few books available on futures trading at the time, in 1970. Dobson was interested in spreads, but nothing had been published on that subject. He dug out price data in newspapers and charted spread differentials by hand at the library, mostly for his own benefit.

After moving back to South Carolina, he was a broker for Harris, Upham and later Paine Webber. He worked as a broker for 22 years and retired to writing books and managing TRADERS PRESS.

In 1975 he decided to publish his first book. It was on spread charting and was used to solicit leads. At that time, TRADERS PRESS was born. In 1979, an update of that book, a collection of Comtrend charts and The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich* followed.