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About the Author

Edgar Peters has been a market researcher, author and practitioner for over 40 years. He is the Founder of Fractal Market Cycles and Regimes at where he publishes capital market research and commentary. This work is an extension of his earlier research on fractals, chaos theory and behavioral finance. From 2008 – 2022 he was Managing Partner and Co-Director of Global Macro at First Quadrant, LLC in Pasadena, CA. Prior to joining First Quadrant he spent 23 years with PanAgora Asset Management where he was over time an equity portfolio manager, Director of Tactical Asset Allocation, CIO of Macro Investments, and CIO.

Earlier in his career Ed was Investment Technology Manager at Interactive Data Corporation and an equity analyst/trader at Mutual Benefit Life. He has lectured extensively in the classroom as well as in conference settings. The author of numerous articles in investment journals, Ed is also the author of three books:

  • Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets (Wiley, 1991, 1996),
  • Fractal Market Analysis (Wiley, 1994),
  • Patterns in the Dark (Wiley, 1999).