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About the Author

Earik Beann got started trading options in high school, opening a joint account with a relative at age 16. With an early taste of success, he instantly discovered the excitement of trading on his own. For the next several years and throughout college, he learned everything he could about trading and started developing his own systems – all the while driving growth on that first account.

After college, Beann moved to Chicago where he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade. Managing three mechanical trading systems and conducting late-night strategy sessions with his fellow traders was the perfect environment for him to develop his first trading tools. Moving on to trading the S&P for himself, Beann continued to refine the early technology he had developed while at the Board of Trade. Finding nothing on the market that could do the high-level analyses and specialized charting he needed, Beann realized he had to create it and subsequently immersed himself in computer science and programming.

Initially not interested in the software business, Beann only released the tools, now collectively known as Wave59, to friends and trading buddies. As those first users mentioned the power and performance they were experiencing with Wave59 in forums and private conversations, their peers became increasingly curious and Beann was flooded with requests. As word spread to a larger circle of professional traders, Wave59 evolved into a full-blown Advanced Trading Platform available to serious traders at any level.

It has been over 15 years since Wave59 was launched, and Beann has transitioned from being Wave59’s primary developer to being its most important customer, using the software to help run a private fund and recently launched CTA that he manages. Beann has authored five books, numerous articles, and has presented his methods at numerous industry conferences and events.